Our scarves are available in three basic models:


Basic Long:

With long ribbons, that make it possible to tie the scarf in many different ways to create volume and effect as well as to adjust the size of the scarf. Style code 8200-XXX.


Basic Short:

With short ribbons that are tied in the back where there is a little loop through which you put one of the ribbons to make sure that the scarf satys in place. The scarf is asy to take on and created the right colume at the back of your head. Furtheremore, the scarf can be tied before you put it in which is an advantage if you have difficulty lifting your arms. Style code 8202-XXX.


Basic Easy:

This model also has long ribbons tied around the crown so that the scarf is draped and fixed - ready to take on. Basic Easy is for women who want volume from the long ribbons, but who either cannot tie the scarf or prefer not having to tie it. The scarf - or rather - the crown can also be used as a hat, "ready-to-go". Style code 8250-XXX.